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Client expectation from Models


As a model, your job is not just about posing for pictures or walking down the runway. It's also about meeting the needs and expectations of your clients. Whether you are working with a fashion designer, a photographer, or an advertising agency, it's essential to understand what clients want from a model. Here are some key things that clients expect from models:

  1. Be on time: This is probably what clients expect from models. When you arrive late to a shoot or casting, you not only waste your own time but also that of the entire team. This can be frustrating for the client and even cause them to lose money. Make sure you arrive early or on time for all your appointments.

  2. Finish the job: Once you are hired, finishing your assigned job is essential. Clients expect models to work until the job is done, even if it means working long hours or returning for reshoots. Ask your client for clarification if you're unsure what's expected of you.

  3. Get the desired image: Clients hire models to achieve a particular look or appearance. As a model, it's essential to understand what the client wants and to work towards achieving that image. Be open to direction and feedback from the client and be willing to adjust your poses or expressions accordingly.

  4. Cooperate: Clients expect models to be cooperative and easy to work with. This means being flexible, listening to feedback, and being willing to try new things. Remember that the client is paying for your services, and they have a vision they want to achieve.

  5. Be personable: Clients want models who are friendly and easy to talk to. You don't need to be best friends with everyone on set, but being personable can make the experience more enjoyable. This can also lead to more work opportunities in the future.

  6. Say thank you: It's always a good idea to thank your client and the team for their hard work and for allowing you to work with them. A simple thank you can go a long way in building a positive relationship with the client.

  7. Have fun: Finally, clients want models who enjoy what they do. When you are happy and having fun, it shows in your work, making the entire experience more enjoyable for everyone involved.

In conclusion, as a model, your job is not just about looking good in front of the camera. It's also about meeting the needs and expectations of your clients. By being on time, finishing the job, getting the desired image, cooperating, being personable, saying thank you, and having fun, you can help ensure a positive and successful experience for you and your clients.


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