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My Glamorous Experience Modeling for Julia Hart's "Plus Body" on Good Day New York


In the bustling heart of New York City, I had the incredible opportunity to step into the spotlight and model for the renowned designer Julia Hart on the Good Day New York show. Julia Hart's shape wear brand, "Plus Body," is known for its empowering message of body positivity and inclusivity. It was an exhilarating experience that left me with unforgettable memories. However, like any glamorous journey, there was a touch of unexpected drama that arose during my runway debut. In this blog post, I'll share my thrilling adventure into the world of fashion, as well as the humorous yet challenging moment I encountered.

The Opportunity of a Lifetime

When I received the call inviting me to model for Julia Hart's "Plus Body" on Good Day New York, I couldn't believe my luck. As someone who had always been passionate about fashion and body positivity, it was a dream come true. The excitement was overwhelming, and I immediately began preparing for the big day.

Stepping onto the Runway

The morning of the show was a whirlwind of emotions. I arrived at the studio filled with both nervous anticipation and a determination to shine. The "Plus Body" team was warm and welcoming, instantly putting me at ease. As I slipped into the stunning shape wear pieces designed to celebrate every body type, I felt a surge of confidence. Julia Hart's commitment to showcasing diverse models in her shows was truly inspiring, and I was proud to be a part of it.

The Runway Malfunction

As the lights dimmed, and the runway came alive, I took my first confident stride. However, fate had a playful twist in store for me. I had chosen a pair of clear shoes to complement the outfit, thinking they would be the perfect touch of elegance. Little did I know that they had a tendency to stretch under pressure.

As I walked down the runway, my shoe began to slip off my foot, threatening to disrupt my graceful stride. In a split-second decision, I had to improvise. I continued walking, trying to maintain my poise while subtly adjusting my shoe. It was a nerve-wracking moment, but I didn't let it break my spirit.

Learning from the Experience

The runway malfunction, although unexpected, taught me a valuable lesson about the importance of practicality in fashion. While clear shoes might look enchanting, they might not always be the most reliable choice for a runway walk. It was a humorous reminder that even the most glamorous events can have their hiccups, and staying composed under pressure is a skill worth honing.

Seeing Myself on the News Prompter

After the show, I was thrilled to learn that I would get to see myself on the news prompter during the Good Day New York segment. It was a surreal experience, seeing myself confidently strutting down the runway, with Julia Hart's empowering vision coming to life. The positive feedback from viewers and social media flooded in, making the experience even more rewarding.


Modeling for Julia Hart's "Plus Body" on Good Day New York was an exhilarating journey that I will cherish forever. It was an honor to represent a brand that promotes body positivity and celebrates all body types. Although the runway malfunction provided an unexpected twist, it served as a humorous reminder of the unpredictability of live events. Through it all, I felt empowered, confident, and inspired to continue advocating for inclusivity in the fashion industry.

If you're ever presented with an opportunity to step into the spotlight, embrace it wholeheartedly, clear shoes or not. It's a chance to celebrate who you are and inspire others to do the same. Remember, even amidst the glamorous chaos, the journey is always worth it. Here's to embracing our uniqueness and empowering each other on the runway of life.

People in photo: Cyndi Sade


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